Over the last five years of instructing burlesque, I've developed my own curriculum which I offer as a five-month program two times per year at Lucent Movement Arts, in St. Cloud, MN.

I'm also a proud faculty member at MN's first school of burlesque, the Twin Cities Burlesque Academy. I regularly lead Burlesque 3: Props & Special Skills series through the academy.

Want to dance with me every week? I offer chair dance and burlesque technique weekly at Revolver Studios, along with monthly Lap Dance, Floor Work, and Sensual Healing workshops.

You can also hire me for burlesque striptease private parties or one-to-one lessons. One-to-one lessons can be taken in person or online via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.  Fill out the contact form for scheduling.


"The burlesque program was a life changing experience for me. I found my true self in the 5 month program. She was always there, but burried or hiding - just waiting for the right one and place to come out. Waiting for this safe space, safe and loving people accept her. I am Alison, I am Lacie Grace. We exist together and separately. 
I learned to dance and more importantly, I learned to love myself as well as others. People like me, people very different from me.  I've made friendships in 5 short months that's are deeper and more real than some relationships I've had for years. I wear booty shorts to class now. BOOTY. SHORTS. 
The Revolver Community is truly the only place this could have happened. T

he space, the people the love, the acceptance is unparalleled. You have a room full of people who want you to succeed; who are cheering for you; who support and love you." 

- Alison T.


Sensual Healing dance workshops will ignite the fierce being within you.
We say #morethanjustadanceclass because these workshops are designed to create an access point to the profound healing capacity of sensual movement.

Sensual Healing dance workshops are instructed by Scarlette Revolver. Scarlette is a queer, feminist, fiercely body and sex-positive artist who understands the transformative and empowering capacity of sensual dance. Their workshops are designed to create safe space for students to practice embodiment, self-compassion and find grounding in their own expressions of passion, sexuality, and joy.

What To Expect
In these workshops, you will be led through various warm-ups, stretches, and mindfulness practice to help you get settled into the space and into your body. Scarlette will teach a combination of choreography with variations to suit each level and ability in the room. Expect to see a wide array of different body shapes, sizes, shades, ages, gender identities and abilities. Expect to feel encouraged to exist outside your comfort zone for the duration of the class; knowing that if at any time you feel overwhelmed or need to scale back, you’ll be held by support and kindness. Expect to crush shame. To own your body. To take up space. Expect to connect to your body, mind, and spirit. Expect to savor and celebrate the brilliance of you and your unique, sensual movement.

What To Wear
Express yourself. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident, just make sure it’s something you can comfortably move around in. We do get on the floor so be sure to bring knee pads. Some students choose to wear high heels, but this is not required. If you aren’t confident in heels, barefeet or jazz shoes are great. If you choose to wear heels, please be sure they have ankle support.

All workshops are 90 minutes long. Pricing is $10-$25 to provide financial accessibility, please pay the amount that suits your current budget.


"Safe to say my life was changed for the better because of these classes. I'm confident, love myself, and am ready to take the world by storm. I also found friends that I wouldn't give up for the world. Please try at least one class. Do something unique and fun for yourself. You'll never regret it."   - Breena G.


Everything I teach is rooted in self-compassion and mindfulness, I believe it's an incredibly effective tool for our personal and collective healing. I have also been practicing and guiding yoga for ten years.

I offer private coaching, online and in-person workshops, series and retreats, as well as speaking and training for companies.

To learn more visit my coaching site, Hot Mess Mindfulness, here.


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