You are capable.

You are worthy.

You are f*cking awesome. 

How do I know? 

In addition to my personal journey in self-empowerment, I have been teaching mindfulness & movement based classes for over ten years.

Time and again, I've witnessed my clients evolve;

moving past limiting, unhelpful ways of thinking and developing new tools for radical growth and healing. 

These new found skills help them to accept, and yes, 

even LOVE themselves,

and allow them to start living their

most authentic and unapologetic life.

These courses will introduce you to new thought & behavior patterns that will help you heal from within.

You will learn the necessary habits & tools to

empower yourself.


You are worthy of this healing.

You have the capacity to experience abundant growth.

You are worthy of love & respect,

both from yourself & others.

You have the capacity to create the life you want.

You are worthy of this empowerment.

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7-Day Body-Acceptance


You want to implement body-positivity into your life, but how? Where do you start? It can feel overwhelming to even begin.


We often feel so trapped and consumed by body shame it's difficult to even imagine offering ourselves acceptance, let alone love. This course is designed to give you a warm, supportive, and judgment free introduction to treating your own body with genuine kindness.


It is not about falling in love with your body in seven days, it’s about learning that there are options other than hating & constantly criticizing your body.


Each day you will receive a simple lesson in body-acceptance, giving you approachable ways to demonstrate kindness in your relationship to yourself and your body. The lessons will include written reflection, mindfulness practices, affirmations, and other exercises designed to help you break the cycle of body shame, & open the door for new thought patterns to develop.

It is self-paced and you receive both audio and text curriculum. The course also includes a suggested reading and podcast list.

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7-Day Self-Care


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This course was created to gently introduce you to a daily self-care practice, and help you acknowledge the importance and benefit to your overall well-being. My hope is for you to recognize that self-care doesn't have to involve a large investment of time or finances; it's simply about discovering and engaging in activities that replenish your energy and bring you happiness. My hope is also for you to recognize you are valuable and worthy of taking time to care for yourself.

This course will guide you in one self-care practice each day. The practices will cover the emotional, spiritual, and physical categories of self-care. You will engage in “the basics” which relate mostly to the physical aspect and include things like: nutrition, hydration, exercise, quality sleep and rest, and setting boundaries. You will also explore “tuning in” which is tapping into the emotional and spiritual self and involves things like journaling, reflection, mindfulness, and self-compassion.


Self-Kindness Series

Live Online in Zoom

Self kindness and compassion are fundamental in supporting a life of happiness. When we show ourselves kindness, we begin to heal from the pain of shame, self-criticism and judgement. Self-compassion helps us discover our ability to heal and comfort ourselves when faced with life's many inevtiable challenges. It supports emotional resilience, and allows us to extend greater compassion towards others.  


In this series, you will learn ways to cultivate self-kindness. You will develop an understanding of self-compassion related concepts; including body-acceptance and relating to your inner critic. You will deepen understanding through written reflection, group discussion, and guided practices both in class and to take home. You will explore and practice a variety of mindfulness based tools to support you in relating to yourself and your thoughts with kindness, acceptance, and compassion. Exercises will include self-compassionate body scan, R.A.I.N., embodiment through movement, mindful eating/drinking, and more. 

May 2, 9, 16

11:30a - 2:00p

May 23 11:30a - 4:00p (the final session is a mindfulness retreat)

(12 student maximum)

Registration deadline April 29


Scholarships are now open!


Deadline Tuesday April 21. 


Revolver Studios will award one full scholarship to cover the entire four-week series ($125) 

Award Notification Wednesdays April 27.  

Scholarships will be weighted to those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Native, members of a disabled community, living with mental illness, or of the deaf community, and LGBTQIA+.

To learn more about one-on-one coaching with me,

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Melody V.

"Scarlette’s fierce sense of inclusion and body positivity has been instrumental in healing decades of feeling less than or never enough.   She has the innate ability to get to the heart of issues and allows you the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. Her philosophy of stepping out of “safe” but not to the point of “overwhelm”, has helped propel me to a point where my former overwhelm is now my safe zone!  I have developed a whole new appreciation not just of my body but of my whole being with Scarlette’s guidance. 

Wendy H.

"My confidence has grown tremendously since working with Scarlette. I had an eating disorder for 15 years and even though I no longer struggle with food, my body image has always been poor. Since working with Scarlette, I have learned how to appreciate my body the way it is today, and let go of all weight and size goals. I now move my body and enjoy dance and music with other people of all sizes and shapes without shame or fear.
Scarlette exudes positivity in all settings.
In my one-to-one sessions with Scarlette, she has been so encouraging. She is emotionally and mentally present, pays close attention, she sees my small improvements and is a wonderful cheerleader. When I ask for feedback her comments are always gentle, genuine and individualized to me.
Working with Scarlette has created significant change in my personal growth that I can be proud of.

Cassidy S.

"Investing in the self kindness series (and subsequently investing time in myself) was the best gift I could have ever given myself. Scarlette Revolver is the best facilitator I could’ve ever hoped for. I was nervous to attend, but those nerves flew out the window the minute we all gathered in a circle and Scarlette welcomed us. Scarlette and the rest of the group made me feel SEEN in a way I never have before.   The series offered a safe space to be vulnerable about things I’ve never been brave enough to talk about before. And Scarlette KNOWS HER STUFF! She taught me so many effective strategies for confronting my inner critic and the anxieties that sometimes plague me. In a gentle, compassionate manner, Scarlette pushed me to go deep and do the work. I’m happy to say that by the end of the series, I’d had an epiphany that I wish I would’ve had years ago. I feel lighter. I feel free. I understand myself so much better, and I no longer waste my time berating myself for not meeting some fake “perfect” standard society has imposed on us. I hope the self kindness series will be a gift you give yourself, too.