Unfortunately, we live in a society that pushes the "starving artist" narrative. Let's work together to smash that bullshit.


I care a LOT about helping fellow artists be their own version of successful. 

I am here to help you get organized, official, and growing your artistic business. And not in a stiff, business school kind of way. 

I've received training through Springboard for the Arts Work of Art Program on top of direct experience running arts based businesses for over a decade. I understand the unique struggles artists face when it comes to the work of artwork. 

I offer group classes, lectures, workshops, as well as individual mentorship to artists and creatives to help them build their business. 

I can help you with...

- Financing and budgeting

- Career planning

- Branding and marketing

- Social media and websites 

- Moving your business online 

- Recordkeeping and other organizational needs 

I offer free consultations so we can meet, discuss your needs, and see if mentorship would be a good fit for you. 

Complete the contact form to schedule! 

I like to be as transparent and up-front as possible, so here are my rates: 

$75 per hour for one-on-one consultation


Schedule and pay for six one-hour session up front for $425.


$180 for a two-hour workshop 


Reach out and let's talk about grant opportunities

to help you pay for mentorship!

I also offer sliding fees for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks.  

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